Call Mass Mania Productions For All Your High End Signature Photography and HD Video and Film Needs


At Investments Limited providing marketing assistance to our commercial tenants and our business community is a tradition we pride ourselves with and we do it with very high standards.

As a part of our efforts we are making available the highly recommended professional services of Mass Mania Productions. Based in Boca Raton, Mass Mania specializes in high
end signature photography and HD Video and film work, producing remarkable results.

For over a decade, Mass Mania has provided exceptional quality visuals, stills and film work as content to many local and national Investments Limited tenants to use in their marketing needs with great results and successful track records.

Whether you’re in fashion, jewelry, art, real estate, interior design, restaurants, spas, health, boutiques or the retail industry, we strongly recommend Mass Mania Productions for all your still and film content. Mass Mania can feature you on Cable TV, Facebook, YouTube or any online marketing platform, especially when it comes to seeking the successful image that most Fortune 500 companies always seek.

For more information visit or call 561-210-7536.

Sample Photography: