Artisen Old Fashion Gelato Review: We Loved it!

Artisen Old Fashion Gelato Review: We Loved it!

We decided it was time to try out Artisen Old Fashion Gelato on Federal Highway… and we loved it! Not only were we greeted with a pleasant smile and amazing customer service, but the gelato was extremely delicious.

Their various options made it hard to make a decision on what flavor to get, but rest assured we picked our favorites. We enjoyed the creaminess and sweetness that was just right! The mint chocolate chip ice cream had a perfect balance between the crunchy chocolate chips and the refreshing mint flavor that surpassed our expectations. 

The whole ambiance of the location was beautiful with gray hardwood floors, comfortable seats and tables, and an area with kids’ toys for them to play. As we looked around, we witnessed decorative writing on the wall. What was it? Definitions of various fruits or beans like cocoa! It was quite interesting reading the fun facts about the ingredients that they use for their healthy gelatos. 

Overall, Artisen Old Fashion Gelato is a fabulous place to help satisfy your sweet tooth, all while staying within the healthy parameters. We will definitely be going back soon!

Artisen Old Fashion Gelato Review: We Loved it!

Check out their story and find what flavor you prefer!

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