Find Your Florida-More Reasons Than Ever Before


Had enough of high taxes, bad business climates, reduced quality of life and horrible weather?

Relocate your home or business today with the largest privately owned collection of commercial and residential spaces. You may even qualify for free rent.


The costly living expenses, crumbling infrastructure and high tax rates are a big problem for residents. If you live in NYC, or other areas in the Northeast, California, etc., you are forced to pay exorbitant taxes. The schools, bridges, tunnels, trains, airports, and hospitals are falling apart.

As more corporations move to cities that offer attractive tax incentives and a business-welcoming attitude, people are increasingly leaving oppressive areas. As people and companies escape, taxes are raised to make up for the lost revenue. As the tax base erodes, services are being drastically cut and teachers, firemen, garbage collectors and police officers will be laid off. The quality of life for those who remain is already diminishing.

In New York City, the rest of the Northeast and California, the taxes and cost of living just continue to rise. Florida has no income taxes.

By moving or expanding your business to Florida, you can achieve work-life balance in the state that’s known for great weather, recreation and culture – and also offers the affordable cost of living that allows you to enjoy it all. Florida consistently ranks among the best states for business, thanks to its pro-business state tax policies, competitive cost of doing business and streamlined regulatory environment. Equally important is ensuring that you and your family will be happy making the move, and we believe Investments Limited can be of valuable service to you on both a professional and personal level.

Investments Limited is one of the country’s premier real estate investment, ownership, development, and leasing organizations, with a geographically diversified portfolio of commercial properties and residential communities. We are proud to be family-owned and operated, are one of the largest, most diversified and personal landlords in South Florida, as well as the largest in Boca Raton, and are exceptionally generous and flexible with our leasing terms. We are also committed to helping businesses like yours make valuable connections and partnerships.

But it doesn’t stop with just finding you the perfect location for your business. With a wide variety of residences to choose from, we can help you find the ideal spot to call your new home. To make the transition as smooth and easy as possible, we offer short-term as well as long-term leases in addition to the choice of furnished or unfurnished. We’re here to help you find your Florida.

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