Local Boca Restaurants Start GoFundMe & Creative Campaigns To Raise Funds For Employees


As we shelter in our homes, the entire hospitality industry has been turned upside down due to COVID-19.  The people that dedicate their lives to serving, cooking, and caring for others are struggling due to a loss of work, a weekly paycheck and healthcare leaving them unable to cover expenses and care for their families.


During this difficult time, local restaurants are turning the tables and asking the community to help. Two long standing restaurants have led this charge including Chops Lobster Bar located in downtown Boca Raton’s Royal Palm Place and Novello Restaurant & Bar in northern Boca Raton by creating GoFundMe pages to raise and distribute funds to their employees. These and many other restaurants have served as a home away from home over the years, and hopefully for many years to come.


Other entrepreneurs have creatively regeared their operations to not only focus on carryout and delivery but also entertainment to essentials.  Crazy Uncle Mike’s in Northern Boca Raton is hosting live online concerts for $5 per person with monies donated to employees and band members. Many other restaurants are promoting gift card sales with bonus credits or discounts applied.


A Fort Lauderdale restaurant is not only selling carryout and delivery of their famous dishes, but also preparing prime cut meats and mains prepared and delivered for at home cooking.


Throughout this tragedy, people everywhere are coming together to help build stronger communities and support those who are hardest hit by sickness, unemployment or a disruption of business.


Join us to help pay it forward.

















The local restaurants and employees would appreciate anything that could be donated. 100% of donations will go directly to staff members so they can support themselves and their own families during this unforeseen time.


To donate please follow the links below, as no donation is too small. Thank you!


GoFundMe Chops Lobster Bar Boca Employee Relief Fund


GoFundMe Novello Restaurant & Bar Boca Employee Relief Fund