Pure Barre

pure barre

If you love low-impact workouts that burn tons of calories, Pure Barre is for you.

Challenge your body with Pure Barre. For 50 minutes, experience a full-body resistance workout without using traditional equipment like weight machines and barbells.

Instead, the group class settings are equipped with ballet barres, exercise balls and resistance bands. Pure Barre’s workouts are rooted in isometric movements, or movements that are completed in static positions rather than dynamic.

These slow, challenging movements target specific muscle groups which over time, give way to an athletic figure. Using ankle weights and relatively small plyometrics boxes, Pure Barre’s classes will leave your muscles sore — but much stronger.

Pure Barre’s fusion between cardio, strength and resistance makes it an effective alternative for those who aren’t fans of intense, dynamic HIIT workouts. Boost your metabolism and develop tones muscles on your terms, at your pace with Pure Barre.

At Boca Raton’s location, you can sign up for a free week