READY. STEADY. BOCA! Take The Pledge To Re-Open Together


Take the Pledge with Boca Raton. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on all of us—residents and businesses alike. As the City reopens in phased steps and a “different normal” begins to emerge, Boca Raton is continuing to encourage social responsibility and safety practices to ensure a culture of health with the READY. STEADY. BOCA! initiative.


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READY – After a five month pause, Boca Raton is beginning to restart as a community. Local businesses and organizations have been assessing, planning and preparing to welcome people back safely. Services have been modified to accommodate social distancing, and facial coverings are required in public. With new safeguards in place, Boca Raton can reopen in a measured way.


STEADY – A steadfast approach benefits us all. Historically, Boca Raton has enjoyed steady growth, steady investment, a steady increase in jobs, and a steady upward trend. As a community, we will proceed with caution toward a steady, sustainable recovery.


BOCA! – Our City’s name reflects an action, enthusiasm and vibrancy that says Go! Our community is strong and committed to moving forward when the time is right. We will rediscover the City we know and love by supporting local businesses and committing, together, to a culture of health.


After taking the Pledge, please download the badge to show your support. This can be used on your social media or website


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