Stateside Sandwiches


One of the most classic dishes all over the world is agreeably the sandwich. Depending on where you are in the world, determines what ingredients constitute this traditional food. Seemingly simple, this dish consists of two slices of bread with a mixture of ingredients in between. At Stateside Sandwiches, located in Boca Raton, the craft of sandwich making is sooooooooo much more than these basic staple ingredients.

Stateside Sandwiches is all about the gourmet experience – think “the sandwich lovers” sandwich place.  Stateside provides a taste of gourmet specialty sandwiches inspired by different parts of the country and world. Their mission statement is true to their intentions: to recreate premium versions of your favorite regional and hometown sandwiches using fresh locally baked bread and fresh premium meats, cheeses, and seafood, sources locally whenever available.

Chef and owner Steve Tart from Long Island, New York has an impressive track record with decades of experience in fine dining starting from a pantry cook, sous chef, to executive chef at various up-scale restaurants all over New York. Tart eventually settled in South Florida and opened Stateside Sandwiches to take the sandwich experience to an entirely new level.

At Statewide Sandwiches, the only language spoken is gourmet. All the meat is smoked, prepared or roasted in-house and carefully sliced or shredded to perfection. The bread is baked locally and delivered fresh, with vegan and gluten-free options for everyone to enjoy.  The famous pastrami and reuben sandwiches start with freshly roasted pastrami. The burgers are made using premium sirloin that’s ground and prepared in house. The Buffalo Chicken starts with premium chicken that’s fresh, never frozen and topped with Maytag bleu cheese. Each sandwich is a chef-inspired work of art that will make your mouth water. We suggest you take a tour across the US with Stateside Sandwiches to try their world-class recipes from California to New Orleans, New York to Texas and everywhere in between.

As Stateside appeals to foodies from all over the US. If you’re missing your hometown favorite, here’s your new go-to!  Some guest favorites are the pastrami on rye, a classic New York deli sandwich, the cheesesteak, a Philadelphia staple food, and the Italian grinder, New Jersey’s favorite sandwich. Portions are so big, most can easily be split into two meals, or shared!

If you’re on a special diet, Stateside offers an impressive variety of vegetarian options such as the BBQ jackfruit, a vegetarian meat substitute created from a native Brazilian fruit made with BBq sauce and coleslaw on a brioche bun, the Cauliflower po’by with roasted cauliflower florets, lettuce, tomato, finished with creole remoulade and served on a hoagie roll and several others.

Stateside Sandwiches will redefine your sandwich experience.

Stateside Sandwiches is located at 1159 S. Federal Highway in Boca Raton. Open Mon-Sat from 11 am to 7pm.