The DineNDash & Must University


Investments Limited welcomes two specialty services companies to the Investments Limited family right here in Boca Raton!




The DineNDash was created from two things, loving a good deal and hunger! Scouring through newspapers, advertisements, ”coupon” sites and so forth just to find a decent deal on restaurant dining takes way too much time! Not to mention missing out on saving money on the popular nationwide chains we all know and are guilty of loving. Well, after rigorous research Dine N Dash determined that NOBODY is offering a promotion like this one.

The DineNDash can be utilized in all 50 states across the beautiful US of A. From high-end, suit jacket required dining establishments to no shoes required, hot dog stands…The DineNDash helps ordinary people access extraordinary bargains and savings on something they all do everyday and multiple times a day, EAT! Unless you’re on a hunger-strike or have taken a vow of stomach growling you will find great use of The DineNDash. 

Imagine a $50 gift card provided to you for one month of dining, absolutely free of cost. Ok, done imagining? Now that you’ve pictured that, add the ability to access that same deal, a $50 gift card, every single month you desire for just $14.95/month.

For more information call: 833-DASHYES MF 10AM-7PM EST.


Must University 

MUST University is an institution of post-secondary education dedicated to preparing and empowering students to succeed professionally in their life projects by delivering student-centered programs and studies through 100% online classes in an easy and innovative platform.  The student can enter and begin their studies at any time throughout the year. There are no semester restrictions or enrollment restrictions. They simply begin when they are ready and complete the programs at their own pace. 


The most unique trait of MUST University is its focus on the enduring relationship with students and providing caring and qualified Faculty. In addition, their distance education platform is very robust and full of modern interactivity resources that makes learning fun.  The classes are taught through interactive e-books where in addition to the contents, videos, exercises, links to increase knowledge and research guidelines are presented.  The digital content of MUST is offered in 3 language options: English, Portuguese or Spanish. At each beginning of discipline, students can choose the language they feel most comfortable with.


MUST University promotes a culture of enthusiasm and provides a contagious educationally conducive environment. Students are always treated as a welcomed guest and can count on the MUST team to help you reach your dreams. 

 For more information call: 561-465-3277

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