The Low Sugar Bakery Opens In Boca Raton


“When we came to the US, our vision was to share the cuisine and pastries that we appreciate and love.”-Marlei Santos, founder and Chef of the Low Sugar Bakery in Boca Raton.

Their idea behind The Low Sugar Bakery is to use natural flavors in their international variety of cakes and pastries, resulting in a healthier, reduced sugar bakery that still keeps the same irresistible taste and flavor common in Europe.

















According to Marlei, “time and time again, I prepared dishes and pastries for my husband’s work. Everyone loved the treats and asked where he bought them so they can order for their upcoming events. After explaining that his wife made the pastries, the response was always the same: You should have your own bakery!”

From cakes, cookies, desserts, breads and finger foods the Low Sugar Bakery is offering it all. Come visit them at 1179 South Federal in Boca.

The Low Sugar Bakery