Tucker Duke’s is the ultimate brunch spot

tucker duke's

Tucker Duke’s in Boca Raton’s burgers have to be held in place with a steak knife — so yeah, they’re literally a big deal.

Boca Raton has been savoring the casual restaurant’s speciality burgers and sandwiches since 2016. The “Marmaduke,” one of their most famous dishes, won the 2017 South Beach Wine and Food Festival in February.

Their menu comes with options for everyone. They offer chickpea burgers for vegans and delicious salads and bowls. Tucker Duke’s wide variety of entrees is accompanied by an equally varied sides menu. It includes street corn, fried peanut butter and portabello fries.

Tucker Duke’s casual, kid-friendly atmosphere makes it the perfect place to wind down and enjoy American cuisine. On “Tucker Tuesdays,” their iconic “Tucker Duke Burger” is half-priced when you buy a drink.

They offer seasonal options, which means your Tucker Duke’s experience can be different every time. Don’t expect the service to be uber quick — each burger is made on the spot. The final product is well worth the wait.

The gastropub is especially appetizing on the weekends. On Saturdays, enjoy bottomless mimosas and come Sunday, receive 25 percent off all beer and wine.